CALL FOR PAPERS: "Historic ruins – protection, use, management" (CFP until 30.06.2018)

Place Jagiellonian University, Collegium Iuridicum, Art History Institute, Kraków, ul. Grodzka 53, POLAND
Organizer Jagiellonian University, Lublin University of Technology, International Scientific Committee on Theory and Philosophy of Conservation, PKN ICOMOS, KUiA PAN
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On November 8-10, 2018, an international scientific conference entitled Historic ruins - protection, use, management will be held in Cracow at Jagiellonian University, Collegium Iuridicum, Art History Institute, Kraków, ul. Grodzka 53).
The conference is co-funded by the INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE Programme within project CE902RUINS.
The aim of the conference is to make a broad review of the problems related to the protection, conservation, use and management of historic ruins.

The key assumption of the conference is comprehensive discussing the contemporary principles and forms of maintaining historic ruins in the historical, theoretical and practical aspects. The conference also aims to present and critically analyse the most interesting examples of contemporary protection, management and use of historic ruins. The objective of the conference is gathering information enabling the development of model solutions in the field of protection, management and use of historic ruins.

Four thematic sessions are planned within the conference:

1. Ruins from the perspective of the history of art and culture.
2. Technical and conservation issues for the protection of ruins.
3. Development of ruins for modern utility functions
4. Management of historic ruins

We invite conservators, art and culture historians, employees of conservation services, specialists in the protection of cultural property, designers, representatives of local governments, university employees, owners and users connected with the protection, management and use of historic ruins to participate in the conference.

Abstracts of the proposed papers should be sent by June 30, 2018, to the address:
Abstracts should not exceed two pages of the text (the form of separate points will help reviewers to capture the concept of speeches).
The authors of the conference speeches are asked to indicate the session in which the paper should be presented (History, Protection, Use, Management).
The selection of papers to be presented at the conference will be made by reviewers appointed by the Organising Committee.The authors of the papers will be informed about the decision of the reviewers until July 30, 2018.
The conference materials will be published in peer-reviewed monographs as part of the publishing series of PKN ICOMOS.
Information about the conference will be available on PKN ICOMOS and Jagiellonian University, Art History Institute, websites: