Lecture by Jan Dienstbier (UDU FF UK): The theme of medieval moralities in unexpected contexts / Téma středověkých moralit v nečekaných souvislostech

Place Husova 4, 110 Praha 1, CZECH REPUBLIC
Organizer Ústav dějin umění, Akademie věd ČR / Institute of Art History Academy of Scienc
More info http://www.udu.cas.cz

Criticism power of women over men (Weibermacht) was one of the defining features of medieval society. clearly codified superior position medieval medieval men over a woman and warned of a possible overturning of the "natural" state. The danger of succumbing to a woman and have demonstrated popular and frequently viewed stories Aristotle and Phyllis, or Samson and Delilah. Fear of women and their uncontrolled sexuality is present but also in many other stories that become the subject of art or literary works. How far could extension of this theme reach, we will try to demonstrate the three seemingly different phenomena that might just be combined along this line.