Medieval Art in Central Europe

Place Nowy Sącz, „Miasteczko Galicyjskie” („Galician Town”), ul. Lwowska 226, POLAND
Organizer District Museum; Polish Institute of World Art Studies et al.
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Conferences dates: 20-23 October 2016

District Museum and the Polish Institute of World Art Studies, in collaboration with the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University (Poland), University of Ostrava - Centre for Research of Medieval Society and Culture VIVARIUM (Czech Republic) and University of Central Oklahoma (USA) are proud to host the international conference on the artistic exchange between societies of Central Europe in the medieval period. The 2016 Conference was inspired by the Polish Niedzica Seminars initiative, which was organised between 1980 and 1991, with the participation of Polish, Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian scholars. The seminars took place in Niedzica Castle in the Spisz territory, an important site in the Polish, Hungarian, and Slovak histories. The Niedzica Seminars culminated in seven volumes of Seminar Proceedings, which have provided extensive comparative research material for the studies of Central European societies. Despite many obstacles of the political nature, it was possible to organize exceptionally interesting meetings that contributed to our knowledge of the scholarly activities of our neighbours.

The 2016 Conference will be held in Miasteczko Galicyjskie (Galician Town) near Skansen in Nowy Sącz in Poland. We would like to summarize the research achievements of the next generation in the years when the countries of Central Europe regained independence and there was a free exchange of ideas as well as travel and communications. We invite people from within, and outside of Europe to discuss the artistic relationship of the Medieval period.