Code Name Żegota – the Hidden Aid

16 November 2017 - 8 July 2018

Code Name Żegota – the Hidden Aid / Żegota – ukryta pomoc

Place Oskar Schindler\'s Factory, Lipowa 4, Krakow, POLAND
Organizer The Historical Museum of the City of Kraków
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The exhibition is devoted to one of the most tragic events in the 20th century history – the Holocaust, precisely planned and performed by the Germans, taking advantage of police and military formations, as well as an extensive clerical system and industrial potential of the Third Reich. The exhibition currently presented in the MHK branch of Oskar Schindler’s Factory unfolds the story lines present in permanent exhibition Kraków under Nazi Occupation 1939–1945. It is not limited to present the organisational structures of “Żegota”, operation methods and cases of aid, but it also presents a wider context of rescuing Jews. The exhibition draws the attention of the visitor to certain cases, stories of individuals through which it presents the complex reality of the German occupation period. The exhibition is based mainly on the coverage of the survivors and witnesses, as well as on the preserved documents.