HOME – Selected items from the Robert Runták Collection

1 November 2017 - 30 November 2017

HOME – Selected items from the Robert Runták Collection / Doma – Výběr ze sbírky Roberta Runtáka

Place Olomouc, Town Hall, Horní náměstí, CZECH REPUBLIC
Organizer Galerie Caesar / Caesar Gallery
More info http://www.galeriecaesar.cz

Doma – výběr ze sbírky Roberta Runtáka

Galerie Caesar Olomouc / 1. 11.–30. 11. 2017
Vernisáž 1. 11. 2017 / 18:00

Tomaś ̌Barta, ́ Michal Cimala, Vladimír Houdek, Jan Kaláb, Matúš Lelovský, Michaela Maupicová, Marek Meduna, Josef Mladějovský, Alice Nikitinová, Jaromír Novotný, Jan Poupě, Robert Šalanda, Vladimír Véla.

Not much was known about contemporary art collectors in the Czech Republic until relatively recently. Private collections would be shown from time to time in the Czech magazines Art+Antiques or Revue Art, but often without specifying the owner. It is only now that several private owners have decided, putting aside the risk which publicising their collections (i.e. part of their property) brings, to introduce the public to their collections.

It was only recently, but with several exhibitions [That’s not poetry! (Collapse of Feelings). Figural art from the Robert Runták Collection. Litomyšl; Disruptive Imagination – Making Windows Where There Were Once Walls. Gallery of Fine Art in Ostrava – Art House, with an expanded reprise at the Art Mill gallery in Szentendre, Hungary], that selections were shown from the collection of the Olomouc lawyer and art collector Robert Runták, who began to intensively and systematically build up his collection starting in 2007. His collection is divided into Czech and foreign art. At present, the collection is made up of 100 foreign works and 1400 Czech artistic artefacts from the late 19th century to the present. Of course the majority of the works are post-2000, from contemporary artists representing the older, but mostly the middle and younger generations of artists.
Robert Runták is one of those collectors who tries to forge personal bonds with the artists, which quite often become friendly. He visits studios, exhibitions and openings. His collecting activities have become a passion – he is constantly searching, discovering, and finding new and interesting artists. He makes an effort to support an artist, not only by buying works. And his support for artists of the upcoming generation, those who are not so well-known at first, is quite important for their further artistic development.
And Mr Runták has another role. In preparing the exhibition Home, he also took part as curator. He made the selection and realised the concept of the exhibition from the idea of presenting traditionally hung paintings supplemented with sculptures and objects. We arrived together at the idea of showing works from 13 artists who had not been shown at previous exhibitions, but whose work forms an integral and important part in the collection, and at the same time brings another view to the collection – which at present occupies, by its quality and diversity, an exceptional place, and not only on the Czech scene. Recently, the collector has fulfilled another dream. He is preparing the opening of his own gallery, where he will have the space not only for presenting his own pieces, but also the possibility of presenting exhibitions by Czech and foreign artists.