Images of the World

10 April 2017 - 10 May 2017

Images of the World / Obrazy Świata

Place Krakow, Gallery BB, ul. Skałeczna 5, POLAND
Organizer Galeria BB
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The earliest images of the world that I recall are probably connected with Oborniki Śląskie. I can not now determine which one is the first: a pavement covered with fresh snow crunching under my boots, the red-tiled home, or any other of the dozens of detached images devoid now of context. This uncertainty gives me a slight concern – it would be good to know from which image the image of the world which I carry myself, or which carries me within itself, starts. This is important, because I feel that the structure of my memory, and even more, my identity, depends on my first memorised images of reality. Perhaps, without my conscious participation, these images bring some order to the chaos coming in a lifetime of experiences; they determine the specifics of my perception.