The Pefect Diplomat / The Czernins  – Ambassadors, Travellers, Collectors

21 July 2018 - 31 October 2018

The Pefect Diplomat / The Czernins – Ambassadors, Travellers, Collectors / Dokonalý diplomat / Černínové – vyslanci, cestovatelé, sběratelé

Place Jindřichův Hradec, State Castle and Chateau / Státní hrad a zámek, Dobrovského 1, CZECH REPUBLIC
Organizer National Heritage Institute / Národní památkový ústav
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The title of the exhibition comes from the eponymous book The Pefect Diplomat written by Juan Antonio de Vera y Figueroa, which from the 17th century onwards was the foundational textbook of diplomacy. Its Italian edition from the year 1649 was dedicated to Humprecht Johann Czernin, the ambassador of Leopold I to Venice and the builder of the Czernin Palace in Prague, the present headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The exhibition presents the diplomatic and associated traveling and collecting activities of the Czernin family, the former owners of the castle in Jindřichův Hradec. Almost four hundred artefacts cover a total exhibition surface of more than 570 m2. The part of the exhibition is dedicated to educational issues of future ambassadors, their erudition and grand tours. Visitors together with famous members of the Czernin family set out on a journey for instance to Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Russia or England.
One of the main exhibits is to be the unique Turkish Tent, a gift received by Hermann Czernin of Chudenitz in 1644 from diplomats of the Ottoman Empire. It is complemented by Turkish weapons and textiles, contemporary harnesses or baroque shape of Turk along with the scene coming from baroque theater in Český Krumlov showing a Turkish tent camp. Experience of the entire scene is boosted by sounds of Turkish market as one of many audiovisual elements applied at the exhibition.
The exhibition takes place on the second floor of the Renaissance Adam´s building of Jindřichův Hradec castle closed to the public so far. Sophisticated renovation of the rooms covering in addition to the windows and doors repairing, floor covering treatment as well, renovation of the stone reveals, new electrical wiring and wall painting. The most difficult was the manufacturing of the new wooden waffle slab ceiling with painting to make the form similar with contemporary one.
The exhibition is organized in terms of the project The Nobles of the Czech Lands in European Diplomacy under the care of the National Heritage Institute for the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. The project is a part of the long-term programme of the Czech National Heritage Institute entitled In the Footsteps of Noble Families.