Zofia Rydet. Photography

12 August 2017 - 8 October 2017

Zofia Rydet. Photography / Fotografia

Place Szczecin, National Museum, POLAND
Organizer The National Museum in Szczecin
More info http://muzeum.szczecin.pl/en/exhibitions/temporary/event/751-zofia-rydet-photography.html

ofia Rydet’s photographical output stirs with it hugeness, artistic quality and – what is also important – the strength of historic record. Primarily not valued properly, placed in the context of photo-amateur movement, presently becomes inspiration for generations of creators and researchers, with its author becoming an icon. Her sensitivity recorded in black-and-white pictures is spread between two poles: realistic and seemingly reserved approach of "The Sociological Record", probably the most recognizable cycle in her output, and symbolic and emotional one in, for instance, collages of "The World of Feelings and Imagination". On one hand, roughness of documentary image, on the other – expressive, surrealistic compositions. The second ones, in contemporary, cynic world, to some may, because of their sentimentalism, seem troublesome, embarrassing, on the verge of kitsch. However, their co-existence with reportage cycles reinforces their influential force.