Digital Collection of the National Museum in Cracow

The main purpose of the project https://zbiory.mnk.pl is to create an innovative formula for publishing our representative collection on the Internet to promote Polish ancestry both inside and outside of the country. Scope of the project consists of the following:

1. Maintenance of objects selected to the project in order to digitalize them.

2. Creation of IT background for storing, sharing and processing digital data created for the project’s purpose.

3. Digitalization of representative objects from the Museum’s collection.

4. Development of the database of the project, along with the creation of features, that match the criterion of management of the museum's assets and cooperation between other digital platforms, including databases and catalogs.

5. Preparation of objects’ information selected for the digitalization with regards to metadata in database software.

6. Translation to English of chosen metadata of selected objects from MNK’s assets.

7. Creation of a web platform to present the museum’s digital assets.

8. Realization of a promotion campaign, targetted at specific, chosen groups to promote and share digital assets. 

Completing this project will allow achieving long socio-economical goals through: 

- Raising cultural knowledge of the Museum’s assets of people, who can only access it through the Internet,

- Increasing access to MNK’s assets that were until now "locked in the storage", which leads to raising awareness about national museum exhibits,

- Usage of the site’s potential to increase access to MNK’s exhibits for entrepreneurs, who may be interested in buying temporal rights to use our assets,

- Increase in the interest of MNK’s exhibits, both by tourists, as well as people visiting the Museum’s site,

- Support of Krakow’s brand as an important city of culture and tourism in Poland and Europe,

- Creation of new quality of Polish’s cultural offer,

- Promotion of Polish cultural ancestry both in the country and the World, making Poland a more interesting place to visit for tourists,

- Automatization of the way, how people get information about cultural offer in Poland and creating comfortable ways to build modern national’s solidarity,

- Raising discussion about art and cultural ancestry located in MNK’s assets, underlining function of history in culture-creation,

- Development of tourism, its increase in importance as a factor stimulating the development of the country in terms of sociology and economy.