MOCAK Sounds & MOCAK Thursdays with the Collection online

By decision of the Government Crisis Management Team, Polish museums will resume their activities. Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow plans to reopen on Tuesday 12 May. Nevertheless, MOCAK still encourages the viewers to enjoy their on-line offer.

1. MOCAK Sounds | #MOCAKonline!

From Wednesday 29 April, all viewers can visit the Museum on Spotify and check out their new project – MOCAK Sounds, which brings music to the Museum. You will find the following sets of soundtracks:

- Closer to Nature – compilation of classical pieces and film soundtracks related to the natural world, and compiled by RMF Classic. The exhibition Nature in art was a huge success and nature remains a topical theme at all times;

- MOCAK Café Sounds – these tracks will transport you to MOCAK Café, which provided a helpful hand in choosing them;

- Art Sounds – these art-related songs with performers from Poland and other countries, cut right across different musical genres and ambiance;

- MOCAK Home Office – the MOCAK team reveal their favourite background tracks when working from home.

Read more: https://en.mocak.pl/mocak-sounds-mocakonline 


2. Thursdays with the Collection online. Karolina Kowalska | #MOCAKonline!

As part of the project Thursdays with the Collection, every Thursday – the free-admissions day to the MOCAK Collection – in the audio-visual room the viewers have had free access to selected video works from the Museum’s collection. Now, with the action #MOCAKonline, the viewings are moving online!

In May, Thursdays with the Collection online brings Rave, a video by Karolina Kowalska. It is a compilation of The Wedding, a motion picture by Andrzej Wajda, which was an adaptation of Stanisław Wyspiański’s play of the same name. The artist has selected the most expressive shots, speeding up the images and replaying sequences against a soundtrack that compounds the tension. The artist aimed to distil energy to an almost intolerable degree – and has succeeded in creating an experience that one wants to repeat again and again.

Viewings will be available every Thursday throughout May be-tween 8 pm and 8.15 pm as a live stream on the Museum’s YouTube channel. The film lasts approx. five minutes (it will be replayed three times). You can also see the video on MOCAK Instagram TV @mocak_krakow on the same days from 7 pm.

Read more: https://en.mocak.pl/thursdays-with-the-collection-online-karolina-kowalska-mocakonline