THE INVENTORY OF TORUŃ ART on-line. Part I: Sacral heritage, the Old Town complex

This research project, realised within the framework of the National Program for the Development of Humanities of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education No. 0122/NPRH6/H11/85/2018 aims for conducting a thorough, comprehensive, multi-task inventory of sacral heritage within the perimeter of Toruń Old Town complex, based on interdisciplinary methodologies and research tools. During the first stage the research shall cover the former parish church (present cathedral) of St John the Baptist and St John the Evangelist and the church and part of a former Franciscan convent of the Holy Virgin Mary. A complete inventory shall include the architecture with its decor (architectonic details, mural paintings, stained-glass windows, floor tiles, flagstones and grave plates as well as movable furnishing: painting, woodwork and carpentry (including retables, stalls, pews, confessionals, pulpits etc.), sculpture (including free-standing statues, epitaphs, tomb effigies), handcraft (including liturgical vestments, vessels and implements, baptismal fonts, bells, wrought iron grating, etc.). The project shall include both objects preserved in situ and those incomplete and scattered among museum collections in Poland and abroad (e.g. Toruń, Warsaw, Pelplin) and provincial churches (Gostkowo, Kowalewo Pomorskie, Złotoria, etc.).