Thesaurus Cracoviensis - Artefacts Interpretation Center in Cracow

Thesaurus Cracoviensis - Artefacts Interpretation Center of The Historical Museum of the City of Kraków was opened in December 2017. 

It is the place with modern storerooms and restoration workshops. What makes this new MHK facility special, is its availability to visitors, who will not only be able to see museum collections that have had not been exhibited so far, but will also learn the secrets of preservation of monuments. Few museums in the world have decided in favour of such a solution, and it is Poland which implemented it. Similar, but not identical solutions are used at the Colorado State Museum in Denver, at the Library of Congress Museum in Washington, at the city museum in Antwerp and the Jewish Museum in Vienna.

The collections are available thanks to specially designed, largely glazed storage furniture and custom-designed interiors. The display presents almost everything that has been collected for years in the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, and what is not presented on core exhibitions, but only occasionally appears on temporary exhibitions: paintings, graphic arts, numismatic items, militaria, Kraków cribs, handicrafts, furniture. Individual storerooms are named not only for informational purposes, but primarily to make the museum atmosphere within: the graphics storeroom is the Old Library, the storeroom with fabrics is the Cotton Warehouse and the Grandma's Wardrobe, the weapon's storeroom is  the Arsenal, and the storeroom with numismatic items is the Treasury. In storerooms there is also a special multimedia room, where visitors are able to browse the digitized museum part of collections - in the scope of the Digitial Thesaurus project. 

The Artefacts Interpretation Center will also run a comprehensive educational programme for children as well as for adults. As part of the programme, there will be shows, workshops and encounters with selected museum collections.