Two new peer-reviewed scholarly journals on Central Europe.

The Faculty of Humanities of the Eötvös University has started off two new peer-reviewed scholarly journals dealing with the culture and the history of Central Europe.

"Central European Cultures" (CEC) is an open-access and print journal dedicated to advancing dialogue between researchers of cultural history and theory in Central Europe. It aims to publish new findings that address Central European literary and cultural history from the Middle Ages to the present, including its links to general literary and cultural theory.


"Central European Histories" (CEH) is a new biannual English-language scholarly journal focusing on the history of Central Europe. This has been a region of crossroads and meeting points, where diverse ethnic groups, confessions, traditions, and political entities have interacted in a very special way. Reflecting this singular historical context Central European Histories offers a new forum for publications both by scholars at the outset of their careers and by established academics. The open access journal will be available in both printed and online formats.