Handbuch zur Geschichte der Kunst in Ostmitteleuropa


Handbuch zur Geschichte der Kunst in Ostmitteleuropa / Bd. 1: Vom spätantiken Erbe zu den Anfängen der Romanik (400–1000)

Place Berlin,
Organizer Deutscher Kunstverlag
More info https://www.deutscherkunstverlag.de/vorschau/buchdetail/anzeige/vom-spaetantiken-erbe-zu-den-anfaengen-der-romanik.html

Handbook on the History of Art in East Central Europe.
First volume:
Christian Lübke (ed.), Matthias Hardt (ed.): "Vom spätantiken Erbe zu den Anfängen der Romanik. 400–1000. Handbuch zur Geschichte der Kunst in Ostmitteleuropa"
Deutscher Kunstverlag; 2017

652 pages, 600 illustrations, 21 x 27,5 cm, ISBN: 978-3-422-06958-9

The editorial project provides a comprehensive history of the art in East Central Europe from the Late Antique heritage to the present. For the first time such a project is presenting the common cultural heritage of the people in this region from the Baltic to the Adriatic Sea and discusses it in a European perspective. The focus is directed on the function of the art production and its historical preconditions, its local roots as well as the inter-regional integration. The book series is designed not only for scholars but shall also carry the current state of research to a wider public.
The concept of the entire series is based on common methodological guidelines, in particular the dynamic concept of cultural transfer, which is most suitable to describe the cultural and historical processes between the various social and ethnic groups in East Central Europe. The axes of the cultural transfer, in particular the changing political and cultural relations of cities and centers, form the outline of the presented region, which includes the countries of East Central Europe in their historical contexts and extensions: Apart from the new EU member states Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech and the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Romania also the neighboring regions of Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia and Serbia, and parts of Germany and Austria are taken into account.
Project management: PD Dr. Jiří Fajt, Dr. Wilfried Franzen
The series will consist of nine volumes.
Vol. 1: From Late Antiquity Heritage to the Beginnings of Romanesque
Vol. 2: From Romanesque to High Gothic
Vol.3: From High Gothic to Late Gothic
Vol. 4: From Late Gothic to Renaissance
Vol. 5: From Renaissance to Baroque
Vol. 6: From Baroque to Classicism
Vol. 7: From Classicism to Historism
Vol. 8: From Historism to Modernism
Vol. 9: From Socialist Realism to Contemporary Art