List of projects

  • saturn_rings1.en_

    Katarína Poliačiková OBRNĚNÉ OKO / Armoured Eye

    Katarína Poliačiková OBRNĚNÉ OKO Galerie TIC, Bratislava 28.10 — 28.11.2015 Byl to právě Galileo, kdo v roce 1610 poprvé zpozoroval astrální tělesa obklopující Saturn, netušíc o jejich prstencové povaze. Pozorujíc...

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  • Monument-1-2014-obalka

    Monument revue – journal for presentation of scientific research in cultural heritage

    The chief topics of Monument revue are studies and articles in the archival research of monuments. The journal promotes archival records and primary documents as part of the cultural heritage of Slovakia and as sources of...

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  • Arena, agent, projection space. Art in the time of political turning points and social transformations / Arena, Agens, Projektionsraum. Künste in Zeiten politischer Zäsuren und gesellschaftlicher Transformation / Arena, Agens, przestrzeń projekcji. Sztuka w czasach politycznych cezur i społecznych transformacji

    Die Geschichte Ostmitteleuropas mit den Regionen des gemeinsamen deutsch-polnischen Kulturerbes, die das Interessengebiet des Arbeitskreises deutscher und polnischer KunsthistorikerInnen und DenkmalpflegerInnen bilden, ist in...

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  • Central European Heritage Cultural Development Possibilities in Historical Cities 11-13 April 2014, Budapest

    Invitation and Call for Dissemination We are pleased to invite you to the international conference for Central European Heritage, organized in Budapest between 11-13 April, 2014, by the KultUnio Foundation with the support of...

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  • conferinta_2014

    Monastic Life, Art and Technology in 11th-16th Centuries

    Monastic Life, Art and Technology in 11th-16th Centuries In close connection with some of the objectives of the project: Monastic Life, Art and Technology at Bizere Monastery (Arad County, Romania), the research team members...

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